Saturday, March 10, 2018



At first-this was surely a surprise being asked to be a part of the photoshoot for Filipino Canadian Magazine joining these inspiring and strong women - Anne Corpuz-Bacalso, Judith Barran, Angie Barbero Ostojic - all representing Filipino community. During the photoshoot I’ve had a chance to learn how supportive and engaging they are. It surely gives a reason to think how the community succeed because of team work.

Special Thank You to Abel Pagaling & Armand M. Flores for including me in this special feature and congratulations on succeeding your vision. Thank You to Glam_And_Beyond for your ongoing support!
Special Thank You to Rafal Wegiel who constantly believes in me and supports all the way❤️
Thank you to my Friends (YOU know Who You Are:-) and everyone who see the “true me” behind all the glam shots and cheerleading along the way.

To see the full article and interview with me: click the link below:

Sunday, January 28, 2018


Working in the fashion and media industry always excites me when it comes to discovering new brands and meeting creative individuals. Just when I got back from our trip to Europe recently, I received a note from lovely Natalia who introduced me to her jewellery line, called Nat&Co Accessories. Before I even went and checked her website - of course I checked her Instagram account as this platform always gives me a visually "charged" presentation and helps me understand the profile of the brand or a person way better. Literally a few minutes later - I sent Natalia a note that I would love to showcase her designs in my article and via my social media channels. What I found very interesting about her brand are definitely...colours. 

Natalia ( founder and director of Nat & Co Accessories) calls her designing and creation of the brand the result of girlhood dream; she always loved "girlie" colourful things and beautiful bling. Fashion and accessories helps her feel confident and powerful. And I totally agree with her on that. Once you define your style, find what makes you feeling feminine, more confident and powerful - then you should just "stick" to it - and I found accessories can be that small detail that can make such a huge difference in the way we feel about ourselves (and how we are perceived by others).
Her jewellery pieces are beautiful, unique and very bold. The brand specializes mostly in gold plated jewellery, that is sourced from across the globe, especially from South America (one of my favourite places - Colombia!), Carribean, Europe, and Asia. Thanks to such diversity - she can cater to different styles and budgets (which I think is just brilliant!).

Her clientele are confident, stylish women who are not afraid of implementing one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces into their everyday wardrobe, becoming (many times) a statement piece of entire look. Most of the time, you will find all of her designs being very reasonably priced (below $65!).
Personally, I found it even more exciting starting my collaboration with Natalia and her Nat & Co Accessories because her roots are Polish (so as mine:-) and she is based in Canada, so if I can showcase more Canadian-based designers - that makes me truly happy!
Make sure you check the brand website to see more colourful pieces and... look for a special discount code that will help you shopping and.....enjoy free shipping across Canada! (for a limited time!!).

Sunday, January 21, 2018


One of the best part of travelling is surely discovering new places - including hotels - and for me it is all about people working at the hotels who makes your stay a memorable one wanting you go back.
Sofitel London Heathrow  was surely one of those places I will go back (hopefully soon)!

Entrance (lift) from London Heathrow Airport Terminal
 into Sofitel London Heathrow

When you are travelling through London and not having a chance to stay longer there than one night - then this hotel is definitely the one to book because it is the only one hotel located right at the Terminal 5 at London Heathrow Airport, which means you don't have to go outside the airport to get yourself comfortable and rest.
Sofitel London Heathrow is an award winning Heathrow airport hotel that combines luxurious comfort with convenient location connected via a walkway to other terminal transfers and to central London by a 21-minute express train.
The moment you walk inside the hotel - you will be amazed by the modern, yet welcoming interior design of the hotel featuring two beautiful restaurants (La belle Epoque and Vivre), captivating(especially in the evening!) bars (Le Bar Parisien and Sphere), Tea place, The Millesimal Club, relaxing Spa (Espa) along with fitness centre, Zen garden area connected to area holding 45 meeting spaces (including a conference room for 1300 people).

Beautiful Reception Area at Sofitel London Heathrow

Lovely "welcome" note from Sofitel London Heathrow Team upon the arrival:-)

Coffee at The Club Millesime

Beautiful Ala Carte Restaurant at Sofitel London Heathrow

View for Le Bar Parisien (champagne bar - my favourite)

Meeting&Conference Rooms at Sofitel London Heathrow

Beautiful Spa at Sofitel London Heathrow (ESPA)

Relaxation Room at The Spa

Quick Bath after long day of travelling:-)

VIVRE restaurant - one of two restaurants at Sofitel London Heathrow

Amazing breakfast buffet (Vivre Restaurant)

Wonderful Polish ladies at the restaurant (made our morning - thanks Ladies)!

Thank You Sofitel London Heathrow Team 
for making our stay a very memorable one!!!

Our special Thank You to the entire team working at Sofitel London Heathrow - it was pleasure to meet all of you; thank you for sharing your incredible energy, passion and hospitality with us!

Sunday, December 3, 2017


  I've always believed that the only way to grow the community -is by through supporting each other. But it is only possible if both "sides" are open to that.
When I met Neveen Dominic for the first time - I've been drawn into her energy right away. Her passion, clear vision of where she wants to go, hard work were so impressive and captivating that I really wanted to help her using my networking, my work & media channels to help spreading the word about Neveen and her brand.

 If you haven't had a chance to hear about Neveen Dominic and her beauty brand - Neveen Dominic Cosmetics - you should definitely check her website. Born in South Sudan, Neveen struggled for a long time to find cosmetic products that would be ideal for her ebony skin tone. Yet- when she found the perfect match - the products range was so limited that she found it very difficult to achieve her "dreamed" look. So as response to that- she decided to create her own line with the goal of making all women look and feel beautiful , regardless of skin tone.  

  Once you browse through her website - you will find an amazing umbrella consisting of makeup, skincare and fragrance products. What is so amazing is that Neveen tries to improve her brand and introduce new products all the time (with the Holiday season coming up soon - she is launching her new Holiday collection- so make sure to check her website!).
However what really touched me about Neveen herself - is beside her passion transforming into a cosmetics line - her engaging personality. As the Philanthropist and Entrepreneur, she had a vision for celebrating and embracing multifaceted beauty by making accessible cosmetics for diverse women and also by empowering them throughout her passion.

Neveen Dominic Book  - one of her biggest accomplishments 

Entrepreneurship is one of the most difficult careers one can choose. However, if you invest in your passion, going to work will be like going to the playground to play and get paid!! 
This past summer, Neveen Dominic brand worked with over 50 international designers, 112 multicultural models and slayed 3 international shows: African Fashion Week Toronto (AFWT), International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) and New York Fashion Week (NYFW) with Magnolia Silks. Her Juba Collection, that was launched in New York in April was reviewed for 6 months by Emmy award winning makeup artists and beauty critics and was featured twice in Makeup Artist Magazine (make sure to check Neveen's story and interview with her on ).

And just recently - Neveen was nominated for 2018 Mompreneur Awards - recognizing Mom's entrepreneurial actions again. This amazing award is given to women who win through the voting process. If you know Neveen (or even if you don't - but you think she deserves this award) and would like to support her - make sure to join the voting process (starts from December 4th and runs until December 10th, 2017).
Check the website for more information - please search for hashtags #MompreneurAwards and/or #OurTribe ).


Neveen Dominic Cosmetics exhibiting at one of the makeup shows

2 super models & activists : Diandra Forrest and Mari Melek from New York - on Neveen Dominic Runway Collection debuted at AFWT

Congratulations Neveen on pursuing your dream , sharing your passion and story with women and helping them becoming stronger and believing in their skills and strengths.
Together We Can!